Ketogenic diet

Ketogenic diet foods list for weight loss

The ketogenic diet would surely help you lose weight. To do so, you have to follow it up to the last detail. When you start following any diet, it is essential to know what you can eat and what you cannot. We would help you solve this problem with the ketogenic diet foods. We have divided the foodstuffs into three parts:

  • Foods which you can eat freely
  • Some Ketogenic diet foods which you can eat occasionally
  • Foods which you should avoid

We would help you with all 3 of these categories to provide you with the foodstuffs which you can consume and which you need to avoid.

1. Ketogenic diet foods which you can eat freely:

We would further bifurcate this list into the different type of foodstuffs which you can eat freely.


you can consume meat which utilizes grass as food. Examples are lamb, goat. You can also consume fish as well as seafood, which grows in the natural environment. And you have to avoid farmed fish. You can consume liver organ meats with the resources mentioned above.

Dairy products:

you can consume eggs as well as butter as both of these contain omega-3 fatty acids. You have to avoid processed meat like sausages.


you can eat saturated fats that are present in chicken, duck, coconut oil, clarified butter. And monounsaturated fat as well, which is present in macadamia nuts as well as Olive oil. You can also consume polyunsaturated omega-three fatty acids contained in fatty fish as well as other seafood grown in natural surroundings.

Green leafy vegetables:

green leafy vegetables are encouraged like spinach, chives, lettuce. You can also consume vegetables like zucchini, bamboo shoots, cucumber.


you can consume avocado.


you can consume beverages like tea, coffee, ordinary water.


there are plenty of condiments that are allowed in the ketogenic diet. You can consume mayonnaise, fermented foods, mustard. You have to avoid foodstuffs containing excessive preservatives.


you can easily consume lemon as well as other spices and herbs.


in addition to the above protein sources, you can consume whey protein as well. You can consume it from eggs.

These are the foodstuffs that you can eat freely.

2. Some foods which you can eat occasionally:

Green vegetables:

green vegetables like broccoli or fennel would not find a regular place in your diet. Two more vegetables that ought to be consumed less are tomatoes and eggplant.

Root vegetables:

All root vegetables like spring onion or onion or garlic would find fewer places in your diet.

Sea vegetables:

vegetables like bean sprouts or wax beans or water chestnuts can be consumed once in a blue moon.


Berry consumption requires limitation. These might include blackberries, cranberries, and strawberries.

Dairy products:

dairy products such as cottage cheese or regular cheese would require moderation.


nuts like almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds can find a place in your diet occasionally.

Soy products:

you can only consume soy products that are non-GMO that too occasionally.


Condiment use requires reduction. You can consume 0 carb sweeteners.

Alcoholic drinks:

alcoholic drinks like dry red wine or dry white wine are allowed for occasional consumption. However, if you can avoid them altogether, you would be able to lose weight at a faster pace.

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3. Foodstuffs which should be strictly avoided:


Your diet should be devoid of any grains. Neither wheat nor barley can be present in the diet.

Farmed meat sources:

farmed meat sources like farmed pork or fish grown in climate control marine houses are not allowed.

Processed food:

processed food, which consists of wheat gluten or sulfites, should not be present in your diet.

Artificial sweeteners:

any foodstuffs which consist of artificial sweeteners should not be present in your diet.


Ketogenic diet refrains from the consumption of milk due to the presence of carbs.

Soy products: 

Apart from a few of the Non-GMO soy products, rest shouldn’t be used while following this diet.

So, if you’re looking to follow the ketogenic diet, this is the list that you have to follow religiously. Once you can change your diet according to this list, it would become more comfortable for you to lose weight with the help of the ketogenic diet.