Assam Tea and Everything You Want to Know About It

Assam tea is a type of black that gets its name from Assam, India, where the tea comes from. Assam black tea grows in a warm, wet climate to provide the distinct malty flavor of Assam tea taste. Along with Assam tea, it can also be called Assam black tea, Irish breakfast tea, English breakfast tea, or breakfast tea. Like many types of tea, Assam tea can be blended or sold on its own to create a vibrant brew. As a black tea, Assam tea has caffeine, and some may prefer Assam tea caffeine to coffee.

Brewing Assam Tea

Preparing Assam tea is simple. Different teas brew at different temperatures. With either loose tea or tea bag, steep the Assam tea at around 200 degrees Fahrenheit (90 degrees Celsius) for three to five minutes. This should provide for a vibrant, distinct Assam tea flavor that isn’t too bitter. Steeping tea for too long can make the brew bitter, so it is best avoided for those who dislike bitter drinks.

Health Benefits

Assam black tea provides a variety of health benefits. Like other black teas, Assam tea is high in antioxidants. These antioxidants can increase the immune system and help reduce the effects of aging on a person’s skin. Generally, black tea has less caffeine than coffee, so it’s suitable for those who want to wake up in the early morning without feeling their heart rate spike. There is also evidence that Assam black tea boosts heart health and helps reduce the risk of cancer. The bulk of black tea’s health benefits are still inconclusive, but the antioxidants do exist and do have advantages. For the best health results, Assam tea should be consumed loose without milk or sugar.


Despite the health benefits, Assam black tea does have side effects worth knowing. Besides the risk of too much caffeine intake, black tea can slow the absorption of iron. Those who take an iron supplement or have low blood iron already should avoid black tea. Black tea is also relatively high in heavy metals, which decreases bone strength and create neurological damage. The amount of heavy metals, mainly aluminum, is not a lot on its own, but if consumed in excess can pose a danger. Those concerned about heavy metal intake are advised to drink black tea in moderation.

Still a Good Brew

Assam black tea is easy to brew, has a distinct flavor, and provides a variety of health benefits. Since black tea has lower caffeine than coffee, Assam tea caffeine is a good alternative for those who want caffeine but can’t handle the intensity of the coffee. Though Assam black tea can cause health issues if consumed in excess, the key, as with anything, is moderation. Whether consumed on its own or as part of a balanced breakfast, Assam black tea is an excellent choice for tea lovers and those who want a less powerful wake-up drink in the morning. Either way, Assam black tea is a good cup of tea and can be enjoyed by tea-lovers and caffeine fans alike.

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