Milk tea is very popular nowadays, even though milk, among other condiments, has been used with tea for a long time. Though, the most popular milk tea is Black milk tea, which has led people to believe that milk should only be added to black tea. However, the first milk tea ever recorded in history was Green milk tea. And it was later that it became popular to add milk to other types of tea, including the currently popular black tea. However, there are different variations of milk tea that are worth trying, such as Jasmine milk tea.

When you add milk to your tea, you will give it a more vibrant and creamier flavor, and also, you will neutralize the bitter flavor tea alone sometimes has. The amount of milk that you add to your tea entirely depends on you, there is not too much tea or too much milk if you are the one making it.

Jasmine tea is probably not the first type of tea you think of when you are considering drinking milk tea. Due to its green tea base and its robust flavor and floral aroma. When you add Milk to Jasmine tea, you will find that its grassy flavor is replaced with the creamy flavor that the milk provides. The jasmine tea then will be creamy in flavor, but with unique mild floral touch in it, its flavor will also have a bit of sweetness.

Jasmine Milk Tea Caffeine

Jasmine tea is pure, like many other types of tea, caffeinated. Still, people usually drink Jasmine tea for its relaxing floral aroma and not the benefits of caffeine. And people relax when they are smelling the tea while they are drinking it. While the benefits are the same as that of the Green tea, so it is safe enough to say that people prefer to drink Jasmine tea over Green tea. Because of flavor and aroma and nothing else.

Jasmine Milk Tea Recipe

To prepare Jasmine milk tea, we need the following ingredients:

  • Jasmine Tea
  • Milk or Cream
  • Sugar

How to make Jasmine Milk Tea and how to follow the Jasmine Milk Tea Recipe: 

  1. Put the Jasmine Tea into a teapot
  2. Boil water
  3. Pour the boiled (hot) water into the teapot and left it there for around six minutes
  4. Preheat, the pitcher
  5. Put the sugar into the pitcher
  6. Pour the Jasmine tea into the pitcher and slowly stir it to blend it with the sugar
  7. Serve the tea into your teacup and then add the milk according to your taste.

There are some recommendations to make your Milk Tea better, for example, the type of sugar we use. Raw cane sugar adds a better flavor to milk tea because it is not as sugary as other types of sugar. Regarding milk, using full cream milk is better to add a creamy taste to the infusion, but for those that do not consume dairy products. Rice milk is a fantastic alternative to it.

Another advice to take into consideration your Jasmine Milk Tea recipe is that the stronger the infusion is, the better the results will be. The idea is not to delete the floral flavor of the Jasmine with the milk. But instead, to make a mixture of flavors with both ingredients.