Ketogenic diet side effects

What are The Ketogenic Diet Side Effects

The ketogenic diet is pretty useful for losing weight. That, however, does not mean that it does not have any side effects. Today we would share with you some of the Ketogenic diet side effects. For most people, these side effects are short-lived. However, knowing them in advance would help you tackle them better while they last.


Hypoglycemia is a state in which there is less amount of energy in the body. This condition is initiated when the body does not know that it needs to burn fat to produce energy. During this phase, you would often feel intense hunger as well as dizziness along with depression.

Keto Flu:

The symptoms are similar to normal flu that you might suffer from running nose or nausea or even headache. Keto flu itself is a symptom of hypoglycemia.

The craving for sugar:

When you’re starting with the keto diet, you would feel an intense craving for certain foodstuffs. The craving for sugar is one such experience that you would have. Since initially, the energy levels in the body would be on the lower side. The body would crave sugar in order to get energy. This is one of the main reasons why craving for sugar is so intense and so common.


Until and unless your body does not get accustomed to burning fat in producing energy, you would be suffering from drowsiness. You would be extremely lazy, as well. This is a different Ketogenic diet side effects.

Reduction in strength:

Since the level of energy in the body would be down, there would also be a reduction in physical strength. The muscles would not be able to produce energy from ketones initially. That is why the level of energy would drastically go down.

Not being able to sleep:

Owing to the improper functioning of the body, you would not be able to sleep easily. You would always feel hungry even at night. That is why your sleep would not be consistent, and you would, oftentimes, wake up in between.

Cramps in the muscles:

When you’re undertaking any physical activity, due to the lack of energy, you will suffer from cramps in the muscle. However, the simple solution is to keep your body as much at rest as possible. When you are able to do that, it will become easier for you to avoid these cramps. Also, as your body gets more accustomed to the ketogenic diet, it would become easier for you to avoid these cramps as well.

Frequent urination:

Since the level of electrolytes would frequently change in your body when you’re attempting to the ketogenic diet, you would suffer from frequent urination. Your body would be excreting excess urine. That is why frequent urination is a very common problem which people suffer from.

Also, your body would be eliminating the toxins with the help of urine when you’re getting accustomed to the ketogenic diet. This is another reason why you would be suffering from frequent urination.

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Temporary side-effects:

Some of the side effects of the keto diet are temporary in nature. These include:

  • Reduction in the next energy
  • Reduction in physical strength
  • Difficulty in sleeping

As the body learns how to generate an adequate amount of energy with the help of ketosis, the energy levels are restored back in the body. It is just in the transition phase that there is a reduction in the amount of energy in the body. As the body is able to burn the fat, which is deposited in the body in order to generate energy, the feeling of hunger gets reduced. This ensures that after a few days, you become accustomed to the new source of energy and are able to sleep quite easily.

So, instead of fearing from the transitionary side effects of the keto diet, it is a much better idea to look at the benefits which far outweigh the side effects and, thereafter, decide the diet which you want to opt for.